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Provincial Life Sans Pressed Juicery?

The View From Potrero Hill

The View From Potrero Hill

Who would leave fabulous San Francisco for a provincial hometown with neither a Soul Cycle or pressed juicery in sight?  Meet Scott Brooks in the latest installment of The Chicken Painting here

Tired of Fixing Up the Place?

Crumbling Victorian

If you’re the one in charge of home repair, you might be fantasizing about a brand new condo. Meet Jeremy Brooks, dutiful son and reluctant plumber in the latest installment of The Chicken Painting here

Nostalgia is a Beautiful Temptress

I think most of us wish to live simply, and we want to declutter but nostalgia often keeps us from letting go. There are beautifulghostly_love_by_magicsart-d67keka.png ghosts in the furniture, the pictures, the knickknacks. Amanda asks herself, do I want to live with memories or create new ones? Read section 3 of The Chicken Painting here

Fear of Noble Silence

Peace House BudhaThe first time I went on a meditation retreat, I was terrified of the idea of noble silence. How could I remain quiet for an hour? A day? By lunchtime, I realized what a relief it was not to talk on the outside. As for the inner chatter….I’m still working on that.  Catch up with Amanda Brooks on retreat at Peace House in Chapter One, Section 2 of “The Chicken Painting” ….

Let the Serial Chicken Begin!


Cluttered-HouseHave you ever fantasized about selling the house, giving it all away, and moving to a meditation center? Amanda Brooks discovers that selling a house is easy – it’s getting her children to clean out their Stuff that’s practically impossible. If you long to Simplify Your Life or are tempted to run off with a canoe guide, read the first installment of my new serial, The Chicken Painting right here…

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