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Tired of Fixing Up the Place?

Crumbling Victorian

If you’re the one in charge of home repair, you might be fantasizing about a brand new condo. Meet Jeremy Brooks, dutiful son and reluctant plumber in the latest installment of The Chicken Painting here

Nostalgia is a Beautiful Temptress

I think most of us wish to live simply, and we want to declutter but nostalgia often keeps us from letting go. There are beautifulghostly_love_by_magicsart-d67keka.png ghosts in the furniture, the pictures, the knickknacks. Amanda asks herself, do I want to live with memories or create new ones? Read section 3 of The Chicken Painting here

Let the Serial Chicken Begin!


Cluttered-HouseHave you ever fantasized about selling the house, giving it all away, and moving to a meditation center? Amanda Brooks discovers that selling a house is easy – it’s getting her children to clean out their Stuff that’s practically impossible. If you long to Simplify Your Life or are tempted to run off with a canoe guide, read the first installment of my new serial, The Chicken Painting right here…