Tiny writing spaces

Margaret's DeskI toured the Margaret Mitchell House in Atlanta: “house” being a bit of a misnomer.  They should really call it the Margaret Mitchell Apartment; she herself referred to it as  “the dump.”  Originally a single family home, the Tutor Revival was carved into 10 apartments  in 1919. Margaret and her husband resided on the ground floor, at Number 1, in a space that could be described as a cubby hole.  Ms Mitchell wrote Gone With The Wind in a corner of the parlor and as I stared at her desk, I wondered what Virginia Woolf would make of this  arrangement.   Ms Mitchell wrote one of the world’s best selling books in a communal space with no doors.  (Perhaps Margaret’s husband spent more time away from the house than Virginia’s did?) It was a great reminder that we really don’t need a room of our own in order to write. But we do need fortitude and imagination. How lucky for Virginia that she had all three.  And luckier for Margaret that she only needed the two.

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