College Essay

“I wanted to write about my Grandmother for my college essay,” a student of mine sighed. “But my parents think that isn’t good enough for Stanford.”

OK first off, that is simply not true – your grandmother is a marvelous topic for an essay. But more to the point, you could write about your drive to school in the morning and make the admissions officer weep into her cup of coffee. Here’s a tip: your essay isn’t going to pop because of the subject matter – it will stand out with your particular point of view. You don’t have to have dined with aliens or have survived a coma – but you do have to touch us with some insight and depth.

No one expects your college essay to be a novel. Think of it as a snapshot – you can learn quite a bit about someone in just one image.

To begin, think about any particular topic (or image) that beckons you. Listen to your helpful voice – and ignore the critical voice that says your grandmother is a stupid topic for an essay. Although just to be clear – if you’ve dined with aliens or survived a coma, those would be fantastic stories to tell. But just as fantastic as your amazing Grandmother.

It’s all in the telling.

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Lia, Class of 2015